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Bruges, and the Flemish countryside, are ideal grounds for the most scenic & historic bike excursions. Bauhaus provides many options to explore the medieval city and it's magnificent surroundings by bike.

Rates: 3 hours: 6 Euro, Day: 9 Euro
Bikes are new yearly and well maintained.

Rent a bike at the Bauhaus and discover inner Bruges and/or the surrounding Flemish countryside at your own pace. Bike to the nearby busy coastal towns of Zeebruges, Blankenberge or Knokke (1.5 hrs). Pass medieval Damme on the scenic tree lined canal to the historic Dutch border town Sluis (2 hrs) or embark on one of the fun Quasimundo Bike Tours below:

  • Bruges By Bike (morning: 10am-1pm): Experienced guides lead you down every winding backstreet, past windmills, medieval fortifications and along peaceful canals; with numerous stops to relay stories of ages gone by.
  • Border By Bike (afternoon: 1pm-5pm): A relaxing fun ride north to the Dutch border, along tree-lined canals, peaceful country lanes, past quaint Flemish villages (including Damme) and through the beautiful flat Polders farmland dotted with windmills. A memorable afternoon!
  • Bruges By Night (7pm-9.30pm): Bruges is really at its best with the world famous colorfully lit-up buildings and canals at night. A MUST see and a romantic exploration of windmills, ramparts, hidden squares and secret alleyways. Departure just before night fall.
  • A Day at the Beach (11pm-late afternoon): A summer treat, designed for those rare occasions when the city melts under teh heat of the summer sun. You'll reach the white sandy beaches, sampling our flat countryside & old villages. Enjoy a welcoming rest for 3 hrs, play volleyball, take a dip in the North Sea or just work on your tan.

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Guided bicycle tours of Brugge and the Flemish Countryside

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