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Bauhaus Hostels, Hotel & Apartments in Bruges

The Bauhaus offers a unique blend of hostel accommodation, cutting edge Pod Bed dormitories, private apartments and meeting facilities in the Old Centre of Bruges, Belgium.

The hostel offers regular dorm rooms (4 to 8 people), solo sleeper - Pod Bed dorm rooms (5 to 10 people and 1 to 8 people) and private rooms (2 to 5 people). Our competitively priced hostel rooms are the best in the city with linen and breakfast included! All rooms have bathroom and toilet facilities too. A unique 'Bruges Hostels' experience.

Hostel Brugge

Bruges Hostels - Shared Rooms, Private Rooms and Apartments

Our vibrant, fun, comfortable and affordable accommodation options come with an abundance of extras, and traveller perks too! An unforgettable Bruges Hostels experience.

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Restaurant & Bar

Sacre Coeur Restaurant - Bruges Hostels

At the Sacré Coeur restaurant, in Bruges old city center, an evening out becomes soon a heartwarming experience in an interior full of reminders of our collective past but with a present state of mind.

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Bruges Hotels

Affordable Hotel Rooms - Bruges Hostels

Bauhaus recently renovated Budget Hotel offers convenient private rooms at unbeatable prices in the Old City Center of medieval Bruges! By far the best deal you can make in Bruges.

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Location in Bruges

Location of accommodation in Bruges - Bruges Hostels

Bauhaus is located in the Old City Center of Bruges on a short medieval walk from the Market Place.

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