Langestraat 133-137
8000 Bruges(Brugge)


The Bauhaus lies in the heart of the historic Old Town of Bruges, surrounded by medieval architecture and just minutes walk from the city’s main sights and the central market square.

We are one of Bruges’ best authentic Belgian beer bars, popular with locals and tourists alike who come to enjoy a huge range of local beers amongst a lively atmosphere. Our ever changing menu always has at least 50 beers on offer - and each night we offer a tasting experience at 10pm where you can sample a range of brews in the bar with our local experts.

Upstairs, the Bauhaus offers a unique blend of modern hostel accommodation, new-age Pod Bed dormitories, bathrooms, private apartments and meeting facilities. Our charming building is a World Heritage listed Brugean step-gable house making it the perfect place to get a feel for the real Bruges experience.

Come and discover Bruges in true Belgian style, at the Bauhaus.



Belgium began producing beer in the 13th century and today it still produces an unparalleled 500 different beers. In honour of our proud Belgian traditions, at the Bauhaus we stock over 50 types of beer at any one time. We have some of Belgium’s finest beers on tap as well as a long list of rotating bottled beers from across the country including rare Trappist brews and some local labels like Brugse Zot and Straffe Hendrik.

We pride ourselves on finding a beer to suit everyone which is why we now have a range of fruit beers ranging from strawberry to mango and gluten free organic fair trade beer. Every night at 10pm you'll find our Legends of Bruges beer tasting experience which is another chance to find you new favourite beer.

At the Bauhaus we have the best happy hour in Bruges with €7 Double Gin & Tonics, €7 Double Rum & Cokes, €3.50 Duvels and €2.30 Stella Artois, running every day from 7pm-8pm! We’re open every day of the year and offer bar snacks late into the night, so drop by anytime to see what’s happening.

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